Monday, October 17, 2011

A visit from Uncle Ben

 One of the best parts of the summer was a visit from Uncle Ben! We love Ben so much!!!

 Ben loves a good burger, so we took him to In-n-Out for one of the best burgers around.
 Gilroy Gardens was a blast! Ben loved the Quicksilver Express, a fun rollercoaster. Lizzy couldn't go, so Ben went with his nephews on this one. So much fun!

 Uncle Ben loves a good movie, complete with popcorn and skittles! We saw the Zookeeper together and I loved listening to Ben and his niece and nephews laugh and laugh!
For family home evening we joined our cousins, the Mallette's, for a night at the bowling alley. Ben is a great bowler! Everyone had a fabulous time!
The best part of our time with Ben was the Raine Family Reunion! Ben loves spending time with his family and catching up with cousins he doesn't get to see often. Here is Ben relaxing with the fam at the beach.

 And Jeffrey brought his slack line for everyone to try.
We had such a great time with you Uncle Ben...come again soon!

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