Sunday, August 8, 2010


Every summer starts with big plans, chore charts, reward systems, vacation and day trips planned...but come mid-July after more than a month of breakdowns, tantrums, and fights, the summer becomes more about survival than family fun. Anyone with me on this, or is it just me? (Please say it's not just me!) But one thing I wanted to do this summer was to take a trip to the great city of San Francisco. And even though survival mode was already in full swing, I gathered the troops (and Grandpa for backup) and we boarded the train to enjoy a day in Chinatown!Here is Brennen enjoying the park, while I enjoyed the view!
My kids take a moment to pose with Grandpa at the spot where the first American flag was raised in San Francisco. (Does anyone else find it ironic that the spot is in the middle of Chinatown?)

Grandpa and Lizzy in the alleyway where we found the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie factory.

The boys watching the fortune cookie machine and hoping for a taste or two!

Posing at the gateway to Chinatown.