Friday, March 19, 2010

Aggies all the WAY!

I am an Aggie, I am not ashamed. I know that USU is not the most popular or most notable of the schools in Utah, but what can I say? I was born within sight of the campus. I went to preschool on campus. I attended more football and basketball games there than I can count. And that was all before my too short college career began. (I still have dreams of returning to finish my degree.) So every year as March Madness begins, I have high hopes that my underdog school will stand up and be counted as a tournament contender. So here I sit, toggling between my blog and the USU - Texas A&M game, wishing that the 13 point spread was in favor of my team. In 6 minutes, who knows? Anything can happen, right? But win or lose, I will be loyal to my school, whatever mocking may come my way. Go Aggies, go aggies, hey, hey, hey!