Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Pipers at Game 1...well, almost!

San Francisco Giants vs. Texas Rangers for the 2010 World Series~A big deal in the Piper house! On Saturday I came home from dropping Gabe off to find the rest of the family glued to the TV, awaiting the outcome of the division playoffs. I was greeted by Lizzy (who is 3) with a high 5 and the phrase "Good Defense!" So when the Giants won the division, Jeffrey and I wanted to do something special for the World Series...but at $400 a pop for standing room only tickets, getting inside the park was a tad out of our reach.

Instead we headed up to the city to be a part of the game, without actually going to the game. We had a blast!

The boys and I outside AT&T Park

Notice the sign above Jeffrey and the kids
"Watch out for all flying objects not limited to baseballs and bats"

This is the flag used on the field for the national anthem...HUGE! We also got to see the jets flying overhead signaling the start of the game. I say jets because when I asked Tim if he saw the airplanes, he said, "NO mom! They're JETS!" Awesome.

Lizzy and her daddy




We walked around a bit, got each of the kids a souvenier, and then looked for someplace to eat. On our walk, we found a Blush frozen yogurt with a big screen TV. People were camped out inside at the tables and pulled up chairs to watch the game outside as well. The Giants were up to bat, so we stopped to watch. We were not quite 1/2 a mile from the stadium. Jeff had mentioned that there was a delay when the games were broadcast. Well he was definitely right about that! We could hear cheering at the stadium before we could see why. It was super cool! During our stop here the Giants tied the game 2-2!

Jeffrey and Lizzy on the way back to the car. We left around the 4th inning. I think it was a perfect time to go, before the true craziness began. We started for home, stopped off in Redwood City, and had dinner at Applebee's where we watched most of the rest of the game. Oh, and the Giants won 11-7...Go Giants!!!

I love an adventure!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Picking Pumpkins!

Traditions. Aren't they swell?! Well every year we try to find some time to pick out a pumpkin or two for Jack-O-Lantern carving. This year we tried a different farm with fantastic results! The whole family

My cutie pie kids

Tim, Gabe Brennen and Lizzy

Every kid's dream~a tractor to play on!

Brennen and his pumpkin choice

(this is the one of the only hoodless shots I got!)

Timothy drivin' the tractor

And yet Lizzy is fascinated with the scarecrows...go figure!

Jeffrey hauling our pumpkin picks~10 in all!

(and I have to add, you see that load of pumpkins...$10!)